Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Mother's Day... early

My mom and dad spend half the year on the east coast, so I don't get to see them during the summer months.  (Unless I visit, which I hope to!)

Their departure is in the next couple of weeks, so I thought I would make my mom a Mother's Day present now to send along.

She recently made me a scrapbook of all sorts of items from my youth... report cards, letters and drawings.  Some of them are so funny, especially this one:
Crazed Mom!

I drew this for her in around 1977, just about the time she was cranking out babies and generally living a chaos-filled life.  I think I captured the era quite well in that expression.

I've seen crafts where people take their children's art and re-create it into something more permanent, like a doll or a transfer.

I thought I would make my mom a shopping/beach/all-purpose bag that had her image (as seen by a 3 or 4 year old) emblazoned on the front.

My method for transferring images is to trace them from my computer screen onto Glad Press'n Seal, and then adhere the wrap to the fabric I'm stitching.  It sticks really well onto the fabric and then you just tear it out after you're done stitching.

Here is a shot of a hand anatomy tracing I did from an old textbook onto the Press'n Seal:

It's a great option for those of us who aren't the best free-hand drawers.  Just don't steal someone's creative property.  Just had to say it...

Here's a dinosaur skeleton I did using this method:

It's not an advert for's just the only product I know that does this. 

My original idea for this came from Urka on the Craftster site.  Click here to see the hilarious onesies she made using the technique.

Anyway... back to the bag!

Detail of the stitched pocket

My first satin stitch attempt.

All lined and ready to go...

...with a handy snap on the pocket!

I didn't use a tutorial for the bag... I've made enough of them now... but if you're looking for a good one, check the Morsbag site.

And Ma?  If you see this, Happy early Mother's Day... you get it on the weekend.  xo

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  1. I did something similar for a tshirt, but used tissue paper and ripped it off after. Very cool idea to use the sticky wrap.