Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Easy, fast, cheap and guaranteed to entertain

Okay... I saw this somewhere, at some point, but have no memory where.  My disclaimer.  Yeah, my brain is a sieve. 

At least I remembered this activity book and hopefully some of you will throw one together and reap the same rewards that I have.

Okay.  This could NOT be easier.

Step #1:

Get 3-ring binder.  Old, new, used... whatever.

Step #2:  Buy/find plastic binder sleeves.

Step #3:  Find/buy dry erase markers.

Step #4:  Gather some blank paper, colouring books, activity books, photos, etc. and fill the binders sleeves.

Step #5:  Let your favourite artist/puzzler-solver loose on the new activity book.

Step #6:  Once the fun is done, wipe the whole book down with a cloth or wipe and it's fresh and ready for the next time!

Is that the easiest and the best?!  Imagine the possibilities... I'm thinking photos of family faces where the artist can add mustaches, eyebrows, etc.  Or what about sudoku (or other math related games), practising letters,  tic tac toe... It's endless.

Now, a quick word about dry erase markers.  Don't really know what they're made up of, but I know they are not 'washable' in the crayola-sense... and not specifically made for kids.  So, use your judgement.  If the marker is likely to end up in the artist's mouth, save this for a few years. 

Great travel tool for the older kids.


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