Friday, December 18, 2009


I might just be a fussy, picky crafter, but I find most craft books to be aimed at a target audience far from me.  Far, far away.  I picked one up from the library yesterday and it showed a tutorial on making a poofy valance.  Seriously.  (If you happen to have a poofy valance, that's all good... Just not my thing.)

But!  In my pile of fresh library books were these two gems:

Simple gifts to Stitch, by Jocelyn Worrall

Stitched in Time, by Alicia Paulson

Ah!  Finally! You open a project book and say yes to that project and yes to that project, and YAY!  I'm going to make a few things out of each as soon as we get past the holiday fervour and back into everyday life again.  Plus, maybe I'll get some fabric on sale after Christmas!

Just returned to our regular home in Ottawa after 4 months in Montana.  Having only re-discovered my sewing passion while we were there, I'm now going through my fabric stash here with renewed eyes.  It's making me eager to start new things, but I'm going to force myself to hold off and get settled and sorted here first.  (SO much less fun!)

That's all for today.  I have an exciting craft update to come soon, but I have to wait for one piece to fall into place before it's reveal.  Stay tuned.

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