Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reusable Lunch bag, with beaver

When I asked my sister what her boyfriend would like for Christmas she was amazingly vague. She said "he likes shirts like Dad would wear" and "he likes the outdoors". Not much to go on, for sure.

I looked through my fabrics and found a thrifted man's shirt that fit the bill. But what to do with it?

Well, everyone needs to eat, right? So using the great tute from The Purl Bee I made him a lunch bag.

Here it is:

The B3 = Brian's Beaver Bag.

I used Heat 'n Bond to secure the brown fabric. One suggestion would be to remember to do the work on the front panel (be it applique, embroidery, etc) before you start to assemble the bag. That way, you won't see the stitches on the inside when you're done. (Of course, this only applies if you use a lining, which I did).

I'd love to see any bags you guys come up with.

So busy here. We're packing up, having been away from home for the last 4 months, and we're heading back home in 6 days. Must stop sewing and start preparing.


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